Intuitive Healing


The whole universe is contained within a single human being – YOU.

Who is Healer? From my point of view Healer is not perfect. It is actually far from it.
Healer is perosn who have stared into the face of pain and suffering, and found themselves staring right back.
Healer create themselves through all of the adversity, and in the process, inpsire others to do the same.
Healer do not necessarily have to heal others.
They heal themselves, and inspire others to do the exact same.

THE most important Spiritual Growth doens’t happen when you’re meditating or on a Yoga mat.

It happens in the midst of conflict…… when you’re frustated, angry or scared and you’re doing the some old thing, and then you suddenly realize that you have a choice to do it differently……..

Veronika Gold

Born in Czech, now living in Canada (Ontario)

Music teacher, Music-therapist, Hypnotherapist, Bowen therapist, Intuitive healer, Artist, Multidimensional co-creator, Extraordinary in-FLOW-ential artist, Energy codes facilitator

written by Pierre Perron

As a child, I have always been adventurous, creative and authentic and regardless of the setbacks that life has put across my journey, I have managed to keep them well alive throughout my existence.Those qualities make me feel at ease to engage with new experiences as well as reaching out to other people and new environments. For me, the  world is part of my comfort zone. Two areas which have been close to my heart since my first breath are music and singing. They are an intimate part of my soul’s magic, something that I became conscious of at an early age.

This spiritual awareness was already manifesting itself through a strong independent personality where at the age of 6, I travelled on my own on a 15 minute train ride to go to school in a near town. I already had a sense of responsibility and accountability to be on time for both the train and school schedules. As extracurricular activities, I played the Soprano recorder for 5 years and practiced ballet for 2 years.    

As the years passed by, my thirst for self-sufficiency grew even stronger especially for music. At 11 years old, I decided to learn flute in Music school, where I studied recorder. With the abilities that I gained in focusing on routine and scheduling, there was a program of practicing flute. At 18 years old I won 1st place and a laureate prize in the duet Harflett (flute and harp) during the 2005 – 2006 Karel competition. In 2005 I joined the Amature Association of Youth where I played for three years in the Jistebnik orchestra travelling to Germany, Slovenia and Italy. From 2006 up to 2011 I was part of the musical drama Woman from Bath, a production involving the cooperation of actress Marie Vikova. 

Despite my beautiful inner gifts that were so easy for me to express to the outside world,an unfulfilled expectation of my parents was still draining a lot of my energy within. In an attempt to address this ongoing issue with my father, I took a “more pragmatic” path by enrolling in a Hotel Industry and Tourism program. This deviation from my heart’s lust for music only lasted a year during which I gained out the curriculum a deep understanding of customer service including planning, organizing and the importance of standards in a workplace. Three skills that will come in handy later on in my life.    

I promptly returned to flute and harp duet and sang my heart out in choir. However, my dream of studying music in high school was first slowed down for one year since I only met the prerequisites of the talent exams the following year. Secondly, a part of me was still tormented by my parents’ opposite expectation of what I should do with my life. To appease this inner conflict, I decided to travel back home every weekend to help my parents with household chores including raising three younger siblings

FROM 2018

In the last two years I have completed the following courses; Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master; the Professional Hypnosis Certification; the Past Life Exploration Certification and the Life Between Lifetimes Certifications.  

Also from 2018 I experienced variety of life changes what could be written like separate story 🌈

So honestly between 2018-2020 there is lot of mysteries which I might open up in another time.

I am presently working on a Bowen therapy certification with 8 modules so far completed and 110 hours of practice with several clients. And educating/researching about WATER.

As another hobby is that I study Energy codes facilitator program to offer Breathwork by Dr. Sue Morter.


I have been destroyed in a thousand ways. And now, I know a thousands ways to rebuild myself.

Because EACH of us is UNIQE and has unique way how to heal, my question is:
Which form off Healing is your Suitable “ONE”?
Would you like to experience conversation with Veronika to decide if her service is right for you?

Religion is believe in someone else’s experience.
Spirituality is having your own experience.
Atheism is no experience only meisurements.
~Depak Chopra