Bowen (touch) therapy

Click here: What is Bowen?

TREAT yourself with massage named BOWEN therapy.

$45CAD per 45mins
$60CAD per 60mins


#1 Rerefence from YOU!!!

Make appointment for Intuitive healing treatment/Bowen Therapy
and experience my services for YOURSELF!
Make your “own” experience be the REFERENCE for YOU.

#2 Reference from client

“I have come to know Veronika both personally and professionally, and have to say that she is one of the sweetest, gentlest souls I have ever come across.

She carries with her a natural healing energy that is hard to miss when you are near to her.

She brings to her treatments the best of all she is, and all she knows. Her Bowen touch is soothing and healing, and the treatment itself was remarkably calming and invigorating.

She has a real gift; I invite you to experience it for yourself!”

Mr. Mike

#3 Reference from client

“After only a few Bowen treatments from Veronika I felt better. My sleep has improved and I have less pain overall. Veronika’s treatments left me feeling very relaxed and at the same time energized.
I recommend to anyone with stress, anxiety or pain: try Bowen Therapy with Veronika.”

Mr. Phil