If you labor, you are a “Laborer”. If you work on a farm, you are a “Farmer”. And if you flow, you are a “Flower”.
~Forest Sage

Do you feel that you need to calm down your nervous system?

Do you consider nourishing your BODY, EMOTIONS, MIND and SOUL/SPIRIT too?

If your answer to any of these is YES, then I invite you to meet me in some of the events below. Things you can look forward to are:

  • music to listen to
  • co-creative drumming
  • easy tips to try on your own body to help balance your BODY-EMOTIONS-MIND-SPIRIT

No age restrictions or preferences for all of my events. All are welcome, including children!

Events for June 2022

Easily you can search through events on Eventbrite —>

Past events are mentioned on my IG account or FB

and those Events what are for FREE are on Youtube channel

What day is TODAY? Be in this Present Moment


En-JOY YOUR-self Evolution

Be the change you Want to see in the world.

THE WORLD is changed by your Example, not by Your “opinion”. ~Paulo Coelho

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