Hi explorer and welcome in this transformational place of grounding.

To GROUND yourself in this world takes practise.

What does help to ground?

– walking

– food

– drinking fresh spring water

– barefoot in the grass/sand/water

– conscious physical touch

and of course so much more techniques could help with gounding. I just named few of them, what works the best for me.

Necessity is to practise it daily, so it become conscious and automatic.

This 1/7 week of healing by music is meant to be grounding. Each note/sound/frequencie has its own healing properties. 

Step 1: Once upon a time

Step 2: Where do you feel like at home?

Step 3: Grounding in the nature

Step 4: How native american flute influence energy (chakra) system?

~ Find comfortable place to listen healing music.

Set your intention for healing. (Example: I need to find answers, how to ground myself more.

The first thoughts what arrives during listening or shortly after, are your individual answers, for your intentions.)

Focus on any kind of details on the screen/video or just close your eyes and let the music take you into healing places you need to internally “travel”. ~

Note: be aware that some tracks might be lauder, some not. All is made by amateur with technical world 😉

Voice sounds less then flute and some background noises might occur during videos.