Home office

Last 2 years taught me something very important.

I wanted to teach online, I wanted to go with the flow and have a home office, I wanted to work from a distance, I wanted to have online events/workshops and provide online entertainment.

And it was exhausting. From my perspective – it didn’t work out. Literally it felt like a workout, but I couldn’t keep going in such a lifestyle.

It was a brutally honest period, when my creativity tried to blossom and be effective, but it was dying slowly like when someone experienced cancer. Slow death of constant ideas and try to expand, and instead of expansion, contraction appeared ahead.

After a few repetitions and failures and trials – the home office went into hibernation mode a few weeks ago and it wishes to stay there for quite some time.

What would be the purpose of holding onto the home office if every week there are a bunch of challenges before you even get to work?

Every morning over and over pushing myself out of bed knowing that maybe it will work today but at the end it didn’t?

So I decided on a different strategy.

Strategy of FREE-DOM.

Freedom feels to me like AIR. Freedom of choices. Everywhere around, ALL-ways present and always available to inhale and exhale new options or opportunities to find new ways to serve.

So my external places where I can work are – Salt spa, other people’s homes, in nature, in the park, etc.

And right now I am decluttering my mind. It was a place with too many random thoughts, so it was time to organize and declutter what doesn’t belong there anymore.

I make a place in mind for new ideas to enter empty space.

It is freeing .

Also what changed was my interest in Solo events.

I feel now more to join groups and enter an environment with more people involved.

What is your next step in life?

What leaves you inspired?

What looks like your love affair with creativity?

My thoughts 💭

Group sessions or workshops are inspiring for teachers the same way as for students/participants.

The biggest present for me was joining groups which leaves me to feel INSPIRED.

Anything else to add-on?

Stay in-TUNE.

I assume you know how to contact people when you need anything.


Anyone is welcome to at least try 1x!!!

Suitable experiences for

– anyone from 0-90+ old

– anyone who has inner pain/grief

– anyone who wish to relax

– anyone who wants to meet their own intuition

– anyone who wants to improvise

– anyone who wants to feel Joy

– anyone who choose to evolve and HEAL

ADDITIONAL information still available services:

Bowen therapy 1:1 or 2:1


Music/Busker services


Decluttering/reorganizing of space/room




Breathwork (Energy codes)

EN-JOY YOUR-self-Evolution