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Post about “music-minimalism-friendship”

Words and language are something what I am learning how to use it effectively every day.

It is not so easy path, but language is essential on this planet, right? 😂
Using words is not so easy for me (especially when you now notice, that my English is second language and for me occasional shame arises, while I use language/words to express myself, because I notice the flaws of such expression).

On the other side, if someone would ask me to use language of music, there is no limit for me.

Many songs/creations comes authentically without thinking.That’s what I love on music. It is “mindfulness” for me 💜
Music language feels natural to me.

How does music connects with minimalism?

Rather then using minimalism in music, minimalism in life, minimalism in objects around me, minimalism in friendship……….

I changed the perspective of seeing Minimalism.
In the music – I get bored easily with minimalistic expression. All needs to flow, change, evolve often to keep my energy flow – minimalism didn’t work out for ME.
I couldn’t keep myself to play only 1 flute or 1 drum. I added more drums what I made by myself, 8 crystal bowls, other flutes, other instruments, etc. I couldn’t stay with one technique/instrument for my entire life.

The same happened with friendships.
I was so fixed to few friends around me, that I missed that around me are also “strangers”, who might also appreciate music/help/services.
Once I opened up from minimalism in my life to “opportunities” – Everything changed!!!

So my energy started to flow more freely.

How you allow the energy flow through you?

EN-JOY YOUR-self-Evolution


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