Subjects at school of life?
Balance between FEMININE and MASCULINE

gold somavedic

Feminine Influence in my life – That’s my Roots

Of course it begins with my amazing esoteric Mother 

Then life continued with family members and friends 
and from the outside world those names down below formed me. Because their attitude for life is just something what RESONATES with me.

My amazing profesor Teacher at my Conservatory school Janaczek in Ostrava – Thank you “EVA”  for your support  

school + work in unity and my amazing feminine team at work –

Maria Montessori – Montessori school and

Jean Liedloff (how to raise child) –

Katka Kralova (relationships with kids)-

Denisa Paleckova (relationships, comunication) –

Joanna Thiessen – Naturopath, healthy body –

Psychology and mind – Susanna Reimer –

Krystal Alexandre Hylle (tantra) –

Monica Kovacs (tantra) –

Elayne Kalila Sophia Rose –

Debbie Pappadakis – hypnotherapy –

Jacqueline Teoh –

Mary Knysh – Music for people – and

Judith Orloff – (Empath’s survival guied book) –

Kim Anami –

Maya Angelou –

Second block is about Masculine in my life – that’s my branches

It started with my father and of course many male relatives or friends who was/are/will/would be in my life.


My understanding of masculine in life started 
with Jesus and his father God – (Childhood of roman catholic kid)


Michal Petr Recka – bussiness partner – (spirituality, communication) –

Mark Gungor (mind, relationships, communication) – and Story of two brains

Tommy Emmanuel (music) –

Jaroslav Dusek

Dalajlama (mind)

(Budhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Feng shue, Reiki Mastery school)

Lao Tzu (mind)

Yeshua (spirit)

Garry Chapman (mind, communication, relationships) – 5 languages of love –

Then Don Miguel Ruiz (emotions) (Four agreements) –

Eckart Tolle (mind) –

Depak Chopra (mind, health)  –

2014 – my son became part of this school of life 

Max”million” few months old

Michael Newton (mind) – scientifically proved incarnation through hypnose study –

Brain Weiss (mind) – hypnotherapy –

Mathias de Stefano and Gaia (mind, spirit) –

Tony Robbins (mind) –

Thoth – Channeled by Daniell Rama Hoffman –

Colin Tipping (mind) – Radical forgivenes 2018

Drunvalo Melchizedek –

Matt Kahn –

Living from breathing Ray Maor –

Spirit Science and Spirit Mysteries –

Joe Dispenza (brain, body) – science of brain

Gregg Braden (brain, body) –

Dr. Bruce Lipton (brain, body) –

Ivan Rybjansky – power of crystals –

Nassim Haramein –

Tom Kenyon (music) –

Hearth Math –

Sadhguru and inner ingeneering –

Earth connection –

Bashar – and Daryl Anka –

Eckenkar –

Hoponoppo –

Jonathan Damonte – Bowen therapy –

Etc…… etc. etc……

New subject is – James from Wing makers –

And it is going to continue 


As life flows ……