When I drink 100% ceremonial cacao in everyday life, I literally blend the power of cacao spirit with – Tantra, Music, self healing, learning new things, horseback riding, intuition, etc.

It brings me Focus, Inspiration and Release in places I need the most.

Such a combination of inner work allows me to embrace and embody my Spirit into the present moment.

Is it always easy and happy doing?

Not at ALL. 

There are moments of disconnection.

There are moments of Impatience.

There are moments of Self-pity (partying).

There are moments of SELF – guilt.

There are moments of SELF – Shame.

The “Longest” relationship that I have – is with myself.

Did I figure out all of my gifts?

Not yet!

Did I discover all my skills?

Not yet!

Did I find a JOB? (Joy Of Being)

Not yet, or maybe sometimes I am employed in this field of having a Job!!!


Am I always laughing?

Not at all!

Am I always happy?

Not at all!

Am I always peaceful?

Not at all!

But one day for sure it is gonna be “happy ending” 🌈

What makes me – “ME”?

* Constant study of – music, music lessons, massage (Bowen therapy), Hypnotherapy, Energy codes, Environmental gadgets, and lifestyle, TAntra, Intimacy (into-me-see) …

For those curious individuals who want to read my short life story – you can search for a Spirit warrior book on Amazon.

For those who doesn’t care – don’t worry, I will flourish 🌸 anyway.

En-JOY YOUR-self-Evolution

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