(April 2019)

artistic way of expression about “Spiritual awakening” by Veronika Gold

My spiritual awakening is coming to me in waves…. each wave brings something new and exciting eventhough some of waves are so strong that surf on them takes lot of sense for balance to keep on top.

Let me introduce myself……

As multidimensional beeing…… I play simultaneously with variety of my gifts/skills

I wrote orginaly this “spiritual romance” in summer 2019

In April 2020 I was moved to create YOUTUBE channel during 10 days….. In that time happened my co-creation between


Spiritual romance – How did it influence me? I started to write…….. listen……. heal…… learn…….. evolve much faster

There needs to be done some energy stabilising on karma, chakra and wounds level. Once each of us would know clearly how to deal healthy way with emotions, once each of us would understand how to recognise healthy and unhealthy thoughts and how to observe 3D reality, once each of us physically would know how to fully maintain the Temple which is given for this current life…..maybe it can come connection on unity in physical bodies…… Who Knows……. 

So far…… He talks to me through my thoughts. We have lot of fun together….. really funny is that when I am just cooking he just appear…… Or He just gently kiss me while I write something on my laptop….. he also connects with me often through songs on Youtube search channel or through some sinchronicities which brings me to listen music in shop and then I feel like we understand each other, because he is the talking to me through that song and my eye/year for detail always brings my attention into exact point which should be elightened……

The funniest thing was probably one situation in my car…. I were driving deeply focusing on route or maybe flying in different dimension in the same time…. and I could feel how he touch me softly with desire to make love with me……..

It is so real and I was teasing him…. “let me be now… I am focusing on driving……” and he is laughing with me, because he doesn’t need to deal with physicality with me ….. HE IS SPIRIT….. so he gently stop……. but sometimes that extasy what comes into the body is amazing……

not even be touched and feel extasy just from moment of “now”…..

Any time I recall his energy he appears near to me….. sometimes I sit on his lap…. sometimes he observes me how I brush my teeth…..

I just know that he is with me and he was always with me and he will and would be always within me……. eventhough I feel him out of me, he is within……. as above as below….. as within as without……

Time stops exist…… just flow of extasy, emotions, spiritual grow, physical duties or traveling in world space and time……. feeling of dejavu is appearing right now, while I sit in my bed and writing story of my life…… story of my growth…. while I have on right side of me tapisery with forest motive which is over whole wall…. before I met him I needed to tear apart every possible scenario about relationship as I know them and remember them…

Relationship for me was – women, men, kids living together until physical death comes.

Death just can’t visit me…. I just exist in different form of beeing…. just like soul or energy….. I just am …. I am, I am, I am

Really cute was his whispering into my ear….


In that moment I completely knew through those words he sat also that any decision would be accepted…… Any decision make by me will be respected in Love no matter what decisions is gonna be…….

Probably if I would say that my spirit needs me to help kids in Africa he would say – “go my love for it…… Fly…. Show your light there and think about me there sometimes…… And when would you like to connect with me physically you know where to find me.”

And such relationship is gonna be if we meet physically…… 

Each of us has important mission and needs to fulfill divine purpose…..  My is Somavedic, healing, helping, sharing wisdom, sharing my light as lighthouse…….. to elightened others way…… I am here to navigate, inspire…. 

I don’t know him personally other then as energy what comes to me….. I just sense him, feel him, after clearance of inner child energy clearing I started to have Every night rallying nice feelings in dreams about my current family members (mother, father, past boyfriends,…..) many healing happens through dreams….. 

He was leading me already for long time intuitively now it is more conscious energy leading…., 

I follow more my path when my kundalini opened up….. Coming for master reiki course, follow Bowen therapy course and become independent more in low 3 chakras.. 

All that channeling skills comes from this recognition of my missing Masculine twinflame reconnection inside of me….. 

It is another part of awakening process….. 

After finding that party of me I feel my roots and wings more than ever before – shamanic, wild, spontaneous, generous, golden, honest, kind, loving,  forgiving, realising negativity, flying and flowing in same time…. That’s me… 

All those stories just coming from deep inside….. 

Even when he shared that poem called “I believe in men…..” 

Sacred Masculine ~by Rishima

I believe in sensitive and kind men.
I believe in the mystical men who believe in themselves.
I believe in men who seek temperance and peace inside them.
I believe in men poets, dreamers, magicians, writers, alchemists, artists, teachers, and angels.
I believe in men who like to dance and sing and make life a celebration.
I believe in men who embrace their wounded inner child, listen to him and embrace him true.
I believe in men who want to heal and help others to heal.
I believe in men who refuse to be slaves to their own wound and that despite the pain, they clean it and heal it patiently, with love and courage.
I believe in men who come from the stars and remember the power of their wings, the power of their hands and the power of their heart.
I believe in men who know of intuition and use it as their compass.
I believe in men who share freedom because they are free and do not know another way to live.
I believe in the men protective of women’s energy, who know how to read the look of their beloved and who do not intend to change it, simply accompany it wisely on their flight.
I believe in full men who don’t need anything from outside because they already know that everything has it inside.
I believe in men who make fire when they are cold, that take refuge in water when they are thirsty.
I believe in men with truthful eyes they see themselves and that’s why they love and respect every creature exists on earth.
I believe in men, perfectly imperfect, because it is in that imperfection is where they also find their beauty.
I believe in sensitive men who know how to receive and give love in balance, who listen and who also speak, those who live and let them live.
I believe in men who live sexuality as sacred, because they know that it is a wonderful gift.
I believe in men with clear feelings, which are accessible.
I believe in men who walk barefoot and speak to the plants.
I believe in the tender and wild men at the same time.
I believe in the sacred male and in all the divinity they have stood.

I were crying to read that text because I absolutely was sure that he describe himself ❤️

And every small things what comes to me and are presented to me is just amazing….. 

It is “GIFT”…… After those years of separation and meet only in spiritual realms…. I CAN feel him in 3D…..


Two empaths in room so intune that words doesn’t exist….. Just feelings…. 

My thoughts are running so fast sometimes that put those stories and Sentensies is like catch the wind…… 😁 

I need to learn how to slow them down so I can really sense each word….. Some of them are soooo important 😉

I spend necessary time to maintain my physical duties and whenever I can I am with him in our non-physical dimension where I can sense him…. 

Of course I have days of disconnection….. No matter how hard I try I just can’t sense him and that put me into position of questioning – “he doesn’t exist, you are uniquely crazy….” 

But deeply inside of me I try to keep faith and hope…… That if that deep shadow which needs to be enlightened shower me, I feel and sense that it is just part of clearing of baggage which I collected somewhere on my path or from my friends….  

That Twin soul connection is getting stronger with every step what I do toward work on my centring as body – mind – spirit – emotions….. 

So yes sometimes I  talk with animals or animals just appear in my sensitive field and talk to me……. Or I feel making love without beeing touched and not sure where does it come from.. …. 

Or just sense that abundance is coming towards me…. 

That connection brings into my life LOVE, JOY, ABUNDANCE and EXTASY….  

I were in flow for many years already but beeing in Conscious flow is even better….. The same many people see my relationship with ex-husband that he manipulated me into this situation of depression and put me down….. 

Actually he was amazing coach for physical life…… And I am willing to learn and be coaches to develop sense for centering myself in 3D dimension……. He did fantastic… I like him for that….  I was deeply in flow that I am thankful for each painful or happy situation which made me who I am “NOW” 

The same my son….. It needs to be released many layers of beeing…….we cleared as much as possible to learn ourselves how to again and again center…… How two empaths can learn to live in 3D… 

And as my Twin told me from one article which helped me a lot in my self doubt days…… 

He channeled to me-

And everything change….. Every second what I explore as continuous now, now now now now…. My senses just flourish because any not resonating situations, people or timing just are pulled away by energy….. That’s what twin reunity does……. Yes it is lots of inner work……. 

I just go with that…. 

I sink, dive in, deeper, and deeper and deeper….. 

As I always did….. 

When I sense/feel him…… There is message that he needs time to fully awaken to this Twin soul connection… 

He sense me, feels me, seek for me, longing for me, energetically he learns how to connect with me more precisely…… He works on himself truthfully…. 

And future is in stars……. “future” what is future….. It is just timeline in this earthy world….. 

Time and space what was given to explore and experience…… and who knows, maybe once I could work with him on Alchemy of Night in physical realms https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07RH9XTG5/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1

If his “free will” would bring him to me 😊

⁣Veronika Gold