Veronika Gold

Born in Czech, now living in Canada (Ontario)

Music teacher, Musicotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Bowen therapist, Intuitive healer, Artist, Multidimensional co-creator, Extraordinary in-FLOW-ential woman, Energy codes facilitator

written by Pierre Perron

As a child, I have always been adventurous, creative and authentic and regardless of the setbacks that life has put across my journey, I have managed to keep them well alive throughout my existence.Those qualities make me feel at ease to engage with new experiences as well as reaching out to other people and new environments. For me, the  world is part of my comfort zone. Two areas which have been close to my heart since my first breath are music and singing. They are an intimate part of my soul’s magic, something that I became conscious of at an early age.

This spiritual awareness was already manifesting itself through a strong independent personality where at the age of 6, I travelled on my own on a 15 minute train ride to go to school in a near town. I already had a sense of responsibility and accountability to be on time for both the train and school schedules. As extracurricular activities, I played the Soprano recorder for 5 years and practiced ballet for 2 years.    

As the years passed by, my thirst for self-sufficiency grew even stronger especially for music. At 11 years old, I decided to learn flute in Music school, where I studied recorder. With the abilities that I gained in focusing on routine and scheduling, there was a program of practicing flute. At 18 years old I won 1st place and a laureate prize in the duet Harflett (flute and harp) during the 2005 – 2006 Karel competition. In 2005 I joined the Amature Association of Youth where I played for three years in the Jistebnik orchestra travelling to Germany, Slovenia and Italy. From 2006 up to 2011 I was part of the musical drama Woman from Bath, a production involving the cooperation of actress Marie Vikova. 

Despite my beautiful inner gifts that were so easy for me to express to the outside world,an unfulfilled expectation of my parents was still draining a lot of my energy within. In an attempt to address this ongoing issue with my father, I took a “more pragmatic” path by enrolling in a Hotel Industry and Tourism program. This deviation from my heart’s lust for music only lasted a year during which I gained out the curriculum a deep understanding of customer service including planning, organizing and the importance of standards in a workplace. Three skills that will come in handy later on in my life.    

I promptly returned to flute and harp duet and sang my heart out in choir. However, my dream of studying music in high school was first slowed down for one year since I only met the prerequisites of the talent exams the following year. Secondly, a part of me was still tormented by my parents’ opposite expectation of what I should do with my life. To appease this inner conflict, I decided to travel back home every weekend to help my parents with household chores including raising three younger siblings

Being authentic to myself finally paid off as I reached in 2008 the Playing the flute – Level A from the Janeck Conservatory Ostrava. In 2010 I obtained, from the same institution, the Playing the flute – Higher National Diploma. As an extracurricular activity, I sang in the Komoraczech choir. 

As my soul demanded more than just practicing and studying music, I started at 18 years old to share its magic with others by giving private recorder lessons. With my Higher National Diploma in hand, I took an entrepreneurial jump by co-founding a new musical school branch in Verovice where I was an active instructor for 3 years teaching the flute, recorder and music theory. I worked with individuals and groups as well as orchestras. I also gave guitar lessons for six months and piano lessons for one year. As of today, the branch is still in business.    

It was during one of my orchestra trips in 2008 that I met my future husband. With the family influence still having a disempowering effect on me, I decided to follow husband into another part of Czech Republic after he accepted a highly rewarding work opportunity. I then stopped music all together and got pregnant. 

I gave birth to a wonderful boy in spring 2014. After some serious considerations, my husband and me decided to immigrate to Canada in April 2015 and settled down in Kitchener, Ontario.    

For 2 years I stayed at home to take care of my son after which I joined a home cleaning company for one year. 

Following my excellent work performance, I took on new responsibilities from training new employees, pay slips and customer services.  

Then out of the blue, I felt a strong need to serve others. A call of the spirit to help kids by fostering three children from newborn to age 5. Following this half year experience, I offered my services as a nanny. 

Meanwhile, my husband had started a home business, Somavedic Canada in fall 2018, a distributor of Somavedic, a cutting edge energy cleansing device. We had bought our first one in Czech Republic and the effects that we experienced were so empowering that we decided to contact the inventor and offered him our services to import and distribute his products across North America. Since I needed a change from my nanny job, I took the opportunity to join as a partner.

With most of the literature about Somavedic in Czech, everything from marketing to educational material had to be translated and developed according to the North American market and all this on top of the regular e-commerce activities such as customers’ inquiries, supply chain management and distribution that I was taking care of. With the growing concerns of the general public about the 5G network, we also spend a lot of energy to educate the people about the benefits of Somavedic to counter the potential disempowering effects of this high frequency network including geopathogenic stress. 

To make ends meet at the beginning of the Somavedic business venture, I decided to go back to house cleaning but this time to work for my own by starting Veronika Gold Cleaning Services.       

I also joined the board of directors of Shalom Community Cooperative. I organized social and maintenance committees, managed the coop equipment storage, scheduled maintenance activities, and distributed the daily coop duties. Prior to the board of director position, I was the coop secretary responsible to record the meeting minutes.  

FROM 2018

In the last two years I have completed the following courses; Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master; the Professional Hypnosis Certification; the Past Life Exploration Certification and the Life Between Lifetimes Certifications.  

I am presently working on a Bowen therapy certification with 8 modules so far completed and 110 hours of practice with several clients. And educating/researching about WATER.

As another hobby is that I study Energy codes facilitator program to offer Breathwork by Dr. Sue Morter.