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EN-JOY YOUR-self-Evolution
~ Veronika Gold ~

“Musicotherapy, Bowen therapy,

Teacher – piano/flute/
native american flute/drumming circle,
Intuitive healing, Hypnotherapy,
and co-creator with Somavedic and Kangen,

100% ceremonial cacao”

Are you interested in any of modalities mentioned up?
Music lessons, supportive 1:1 zoom calls, Musicotherapy, or rather touch as Bowen therapy treatment, Energy codes or rather go deeper into Hypnotherapy and dive into time in the womb and beyond……..

Or discover how to structure your inner water (because you are up to 70% water)…...

Options are many…… NOW

the most important question.……

IN person Events click here:

Is there anyting else, what resonates with YOU?


I have come to know Veronika both personally and professionally and have to say that she is one of thee sweetest, gentlest souls I have ever come across. She carries with her a natural healing energy that is hard to miss when you are near to her.

She brings to her Bowen treatments the bests of all she is, and all she knows. Her touch is soothing and healing, and the treatment itself was remarkably calming and ivigorating.

She has a real gift; I invite you to experience it for yourself!


Find me where the Wild things are!

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